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Societatea Romana de Pneumologie

A 6-a Editie a Conferintei Nationale “Zilele Spitalului Clinic de Recuperare Iasi”
19 Martie 2008 - 22 Martie 2008

Avem placerea sa va anuntam ca in intervalul 20-22 martie 2008 va avea loc Conferinta Nationala “Zilele Spitalului Clinic de Recuperare Iasi. Vom celebra cautarile, munca si dedicatia noastra in slujba bolnavilor cronici. Ne gandim insa ca interesul Dvs. se va focaliza asupra patologiei respiratorii si dorim sa va informam ca in cursul zilei de joi, 20 martie, vom organiza un modul de comunicari orale (reabilitare pulmonara si varia), iar vineri, 21 martie, un modul de curs de reabilitare pulmonarã.

Organizatorii acestor module sunt Prof. Dr. George-Ioan Pandele si Conf. Dr. Laura Ciobanu.
SMi’s 4'th annual conference on Asthma And COPD
23 Aprilie 2008 - 24 Aprilie 2008

Discounts available until 14^th January 2008
In order to book a place, please complete the attached form, ensuring
you tick a method of payment and the option you would like to book onto,
and return to fax number:

+44 (0)207 827 6729
The Pulmonary Circulation, Scleroderma-related Pulmonary Hypertension ERS Seminar
Paris, Franta
14 Aprilie 2008 - 15 Aprilie 2008
Al XX lea Congres al Societatii Romane de Pneumologie

29 Mai 2008 - 31 Mai 2008
Intre 29 si 31 mai 2008 va avea loc al XX-lea Congres al Societatii Romane de Pneumologie ce se va desfasura la Constanta. Detalii privind programul congresului si taxele de participare gasiti in documentul atasat si pe site-ul congresului la adresa:
Simpozion romano-bulgar „Implementarea DOTS in plan national si teritorial”
Calarasi – Silistra
08 Mai 2008 - 09 Mai 2008

Simpozion romano-bulgar „Implementarea DOTS in plan national si teritorial”
The International Conference on Chronic Ventilated Patients, Multidisciplinary Management From ICU To Home
Tel Aviv, Israel Dan Panorama Hotel
22 Iunie 2008 - 24 Iunie 2008

Respiratory rehabilitation is a rapidly developing, evidence based, field of medicine, recommended for the management of patients with respiratory problems due to respiratory, neuromuscular and cardiac diseases, as well as traumas such as automobile accidents or military casualties. This multidisciplinary approach has been shown to increase functional capacity, improve quality of life as well as reduce health care costs. There is now a growing interest in its application to patients with chronic respiratory failure.
An outstanding program has been assembled by our national and international scientific advisory board and the conference will be especially of interest for healthcare professionals in: Intensive care (acute and chronic), respiratory rehabilitation, internal medicine, Pulmonology, neurology and rehabilitation, as well as our colleagues in physical and occupational therapy, nursing, speech and language pathology, social work and dietary, all of whom we encourage to present their work, as part of this meeting.
Conferinta INSPIR IASI
18 Septembrie 2008 - 21 Septembrie 2008

Conferinta INSPIR IASI
A II-a Conferinta Nationala de Fiziopatologie respiratorie
31 Octombrie 2008 - 01 Noiembrie 2008

Societatea Romana de Pneumologie si Filiala Brasov a SRP va invita sa participati la cea de A doua Conferinta Nationala de Fiziopatologie Respiratorie care va avea loc la Brasov in perioada 31 octombrie - 01 noiembrie 2008.
„Aspecte ale evolutiei endemiei TB in profil regional”
Satu Mare
24 Octombrie 2008 - 25 Octombrie 2008

„Aspecte ale evolutiei endemiei TB in profil regional”
39th Union World Conference on Lung Health
Paris, Franta
16 Octombrie 2008 - 20 Octombrie 2008

We are pleased to invite you to attend the 39th Union World Conference on Lung Health of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), which will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France, from 16 to 20 October 2008.
The theme of the Conference is “Global threats to lung health: the importance of health system responses”.
Please note that the final deadline for submitting your abstract is 10 March 2008. If you have not yet submitted your abstract, please do so by clicking on the conference website:
All abstracts should be submitted on line. Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their abstracts by e-mail by the end of June 2008.
Should you have any queries or difficulties in submitting your abstracts please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address:
The Preliminary Programme will be posted on the conference website: in March 2008. Online registration for the conference and hotel accommodation will be accessible via the website as of May 2008
Al III-lea Simpozion „In memoriam Prof.Dr.Doc.Virgiliu Golli”
14 Noiembrie 2008 - 15 Noiembrie 2008

Al III-lea Simpozion „In memoriam Prof.Dr.Doc.Virgiliu Golli”

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